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Australian government

Report says temporary visa holders are taking Australians' jobs

15:39 30/11/2012
A report from an Australian university has claimed that Australia should substantially reduce the numbers of temporary work visas that it issues. The report was written by Dr Bob Birrell of the...

Australia and New Zealand labour market report from Hays

9:58 30/11/2012
Hays, the global recruitment consultant, has issued the Hays Global Report 2012. For the report, Hays engaged Oxford Economics to survey 27 economies around the world, including Australia's and New...

Goldman Sachs opens fund for Australian significant investor visa scheme

18:17 29/11/2012
The Wall Street Journal reports that Goldman Sachs has established a fund to capitalise on the growing trend for wealthy Chinese citizens to seek resident status in western countries. The fund will...

Australia sends first asylum seekers to Manus

17:30 29/11/2012
On 20th November 2012, a charter plane flew from the Australian territory of Christmas Island to the Papua New Guinean island of Manus. On board were 19 asylum seekers from Sri Lanka and Iran. They...

Immigrant health workers face 'exploitation' in Australia

18:51 28/11/2012
A new report published has found that many female immigrants working in the healthcare sector in Australia are being exploited. The report says that the Australian government's decision to grant more...

Nauru asylum seekers end hunger strikes against Australian government

12:31 16/11/2012
The Age newspaper reports that most of the hunger strikers on Nauru have ended their protests. Some reports last week suggested that 300 of the 350 inmates then being held in the offshore processing...