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Study finds education plays a role in perception of immigrants

12:45 22/02/2007
A survey conducted as part of FEMAGE (Needs for Female Immigrants and their Integration in Ageing Societies), a project designed to gather knowledge to aid the integration of immigrant women, found...

Germany's professionals look for greener pastures abroad

17:40 12/02/2007
• Watch This Video Benedikt Thoma recalls the moment he began to think seriously about leaving Germany . It was in 2004, at a New Year's Day reception in nearby Frankfurt, and the guest speaker, a...

Plenty of Czech nurses work abroad

13:04 12/02/2007
• Watch This Video The Health Ministry estimates there are some 1,000 Czech nurses currently working abroad, but Prague needs more nurses, and healthcare workers in Moravia find it increasingly...

European Union changes in security, police and immigration cooperative efforts

14:18 16/01/2007
• Watch This Video Top law enforcement officials of the European Union announced this week efforts to give police across the EU access to national databases containing fingerprints, DNA samples,...

Bulgaria and Romania join the European Union

9:33 05/01/2007
• Watch This Video The European Union gained two more member states on 01 January 2007 with the accession of Bulgaria and Romania, making a historic New Year for the two nations. Huge celebrations...

European Commission - Eurozone economy strong for 2007

9:29 22/12/2006
According to a European Commission projection this week, the Eurozone economy is strong enough to withstand expected weak U.S. economic performance , higher German taxes and lowered exports for 2007...