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Australian Immigration Department in World Leaders' Security Breach

15:32 15/04/2015
The personal details of world leaders including Cameron, Merkel, Modi, Obama and Putin, were accidentally sent to Asian Cup football tournament organisers. Despite the security breach, the Australian...

Australia sees increase in population due to immigration

10:55 03/08/2012
New Australian statistics reveal that Melbourne has seen its population grow by over half a million people in the last decade. The population increase is partly due to overseas immigration into...

Australian work visas are on the up

14:16 25/05/2011
There has been a significant increase in the demand for the Australian 457 work visa . This is a temporary visa that allows entry to Australia for up to four years. This is the biggest demand for 457...

Australia eases immigration rules for resources sector

12:03 17/05/2011
Australia will make it easier for the resources sector to recruit overseas workers under the Temporary 457 work visa . The new initiatives for temporary migration visas will result in streamlining of...

Australian Citizenship celebrated during Constitution Day

9:02 19/07/2010
Australia recently celebrated Constitution Day. Australian immigration had the following to say: "Constitution Day on July 9 is the occasion that marks Australia 's creation as a nation, the day in...

Indian immigration to Australia

17:57 31/08/2009
There is a long history of Indian immigration to Australia . It is said that the first Indians arrived in Australia on Captain Cook's ship in the late eighteenth century. Indian immigration to...