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Capital Territory

Australian immigration authorities urged to admit prostitutes on 457 visas

9:46 19/06/2013
The industry body representing Australian prostitutes, the Australian Sex Workers Association, also known as the Scarlet Alliance, has demanded that the role of 'sex worker' should be placed on the...

Canberra, Australia lures skilled migrants

19:39 09/02/2011
The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Government will send "Live in Canberra" delegations to Amsterdam, London, Cape Town, Durban, Dublin, and Johannesburg in an attempt to attract skilled migrants...

Australian Capital Territory maintains high levels of immigration

16:09 01/02/2011
The Australian Capital Territory maintained a high level of immigration during the 2009-10 fiscal year. Each year in the last two years more than 1850 people have chosen to emigrate to Canberra. The...

Australian Capital Territory wants skilled migrants

18:25 03/12/2010
If you would like to immigrate to Australia , the Australian Capital Territory may be interested in nominating you for a skilled independent migration visa under the Australian Skilled Sponsored Visa...

Australia Immigration announces ACT State Migration Plan

13:53 10/11/2010
Australian Immigration Minister Chris Bowen and Australian Capital Territory Chief Minister Jon Stanhope have announced the ACT State Migration Plan, part of an initiative to attract skilled...