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Australia cracks down on fraudulent visa applications

14:42 14/08/2012
Figures released by the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) show that large numbers of young travellers are using fraudulent methods to extend their stay in the country after...

Visit Britain claims the UK is losing billions in tourism revenue

17:28 12/07/2012
Visit Britain, the UK's main tourism body, says the country is losing billions of pounds in tourist revenue due to its expensive and difficult to navigate visa system. Visit Britain believes that...

Germany to begin accepting EU Blue Card applications

9:22 11/07/2012
Germany has announced that they will begin accepting EU Blue Card applications for assignments having an effective start date of 1 August 2012. Applicants must have a job offer and work contract...

Poland now accepting Blue Card applications

9:51 21/06/2012
From 12 June 2012 Poland has begun accepting EU blue card applications from highly-skilled third country nationals who have an employment contract in place with a Polish company and possess the...

Changes to Denmark's policy on reuniting families

11:26 29/05/2012
Recently, a new bill passed in Denmark 's parliament has made immigration easier for spouses of Danish citizens and immigrants in Denmark. The new rules apply for all applications submitted from 15...

4.5 million people have become Australian citizens since 1949

10:53 23/05/2012
Australian Minister for Immigration and Citizenship Chris Bowen announced this month that 4.5 million people have gained Australian citizenship since the first citizenship ceremony in 1949. Bowen...