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Points based immigration systems

17:37 14/01/2011
Many countries allow entry of economic migrants based on a points based system that assesses an applicant's likelihood of finding a job and contributing to the economy. In general, the more highly...

Austria announces new work visa for foreigners

17:40 11/12/2010
Austria has announced a "red-white-red" work permit card that will allow non-EU citizens to work in Austria. Austria is currently experiencing skills shortages. To gain entry to Austria under the new...

Danish Green Card remains popular despite reduction in visa duration

13:12 21/09/2010
The Danish Immigration Service has changed the length of time that a Green Card can be issued from the previous three-years to 18 months. A person living and working in Denmark under a Green Card...

UK Tier 1 Visa Further Changes - Act Now!

11:25 08/04/2010
UK Immigration has said that they will be reviewing the salary multipliers used to convert past earnings from overseas to the equivalent UK earnings to calculate points for UK Tier 1 visas. The...

Denmark and Russia sign bilateral agreement on visas

9:11 26/10/2009
The governments of Denmark and Russia have signed a bilateral agreement to facilitate visa issuance for citizens of both nations. The agreement will remove the need for visas for citizens with...

More Opportunities as World economy recovers

16:00 25/09/2009
The world's economy took a hit after the global financial meltdown in 2008. Despite this many countries are still maintaining active immigration policies designed to attract skilled overseas talent...