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Des Browne

UK work scheme for new EU members going as planned

18:07 24/02/2005
The worker registration scheme for nationals of new European Union member states employed in the UK isrunning smoothly, according to a statement released by the Home Officeon February 22. The scheme...

UK Government claims asylum policies working

11:15 23/02/2005
Policies brought in to discourage people from making bogus asylum claims are beginning to have an effect, according to the UK Home Office. In a statement released on February 22, the Home Office said...

UK - Conservative Party promise immigrant health screening

10:38 16/02/2005
The UK's main opposition party the Conservative Party has promised it will introduce mandatory HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis testing for people entering the UK from outside the European Union if they win...

UK visa fees for foreign students set to rise

17:03 08/02/2005
Following the announcement of future plans for the UK immigration system, the British Government has announced that foreign students will have to pay more for visa services, the BBC reports. The UK's...

UK to attempt to reduce the number of asylum seekers

19:50 19/01/2005
UK immigration policies are to get an overhaul to deal with false asylum seekers and terror suspects, the BBC reports. In an interview with The Times newspaper, Britain's Home Secretary Charles...

UK – IBM to supply computerized immigration system

14:43 04/11/2004
A computer program, "Project Semaphore," will in the future be used to identify people entering the UK. Travelers will also automatically be crosschecked against databases of individuals who pose a...