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UK immigration and Brexit High Court loss for UK government

21:16 16/11/2016
The High Court has ruled that parliament has to vote on whether the UK can start proceedings to leave the European Union . The latest twist in Britain’s ‘Brexit’ saga means that government plans to...

Former UK immigration chief inspector John Vine criticises Home Office

11:00 26/01/2015
The former UK Chief Inspector for borders and immigration, John Vine, has criticised the current government policy on UK immigration. This is the first time Mr Vine has spoken publicly since quitting...

UK visas: politicians call for Aussie-style points system.

10:33 20/11/2014
UK politicians Boris Johnson (Conservative) and Nigel Farage (UKIP) have both recently called for the UK to adopt an immigration system similar to that of Australia. These statements are not entirely...

EU migration to the UK is impossible to control

13:13 10/11/2014
A UK business and education minister has admitted that it may be impossible to control the number of migrants arriving in Britain from the EU. Nick Boles said that the British Prime Minister David...

UKIP calls for separate immigration queues for UK citizens

13:29 08/10/2014
The UK Independence Party (UKIP) has called for separate immigration queues for UK citizens at airports and border control points. The announcement was made by Steven Wolfe at the UKIP conference...

UK Applications by EU and EEA nationals and family member – Applications must be complete

19:10 30/05/2009
On 22 May 2009 the UK Border Agency announced changes to the the way that it processes applications by European nationals and their families for registration certificates, residence cards, family...