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Matt Damon's new film is 'a metaphor for immigration'

12:19 23/08/2013
American movie star Matt Damon has told the British national broadcaster The BBC that his new film, Elysium, is a metaphor for immigration. Mr Damon was speaking to the BBC television's Breakfast...

Gaga and Madonna accused of breaking Russian visa rules

18:53 02/08/2013
A Russian politician has accused two American pop stars, Lady Gaga and Madonna of breaching Russian visa rules. Vitaly Milonov, a member of the St Petersburg assembly, claims that the two stars...

We can help with your UK Tier 1 visa extension

16:53 25/06/2013
UK Immigration has become more difficult in recent years. Each change to the immigration rules brings in tougher immigration requirements. The government has also closed several categories of visa;...

Writers, artists decry UK immigration rules

12:53 28/06/2011
Writers and artists are banding together to criticise changes to the UK points based immigration scheme which make it more difficult for writers, composers, and artists from outside the EU to come to...

Skilled migrants must pass Life in the UK test for permanent residence

13:01 14/04/2011
Skilled and highly skilled migrants are now required to pass the Life in the UK test to satisfy the knowledge of language and life (KOL) requirement for settlement (properly known as indefinite leave...

Reminder for applicants in the UK to apply for Tier 1 before it is too late

14:05 13/01/2011
As a reminder, until the end of March 2011, there is no limit on the number of Tier 1 (General) visa applications that can be made from within the UK. This is now the only way in which you can apply...