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Foreign students to the US skip out on J-1 visas, become national criminals

12:30 10/08/2006
In a cautionary tale for all immigrants, eleven students acquired expensive and difficult to obtain U.S. student visas , then didn't show up for the school that accepted them. Within days they became...

Canada - US woman may apply for refugee status

10:09 09/08/2006
An American woman arrested in Canada after two years on the run with her young daughter is expected to appear before an immigration hearing in the near future. Citizenship and Immigration Department...

Immigrants sue US government for excessive citizenship delays

16:20 03/08/2006
• Watch This Video Current federal law in the United States requires that the government approve or deny a citizenship application within 120 days of an immigrant passing their exam. Many immigrants...

US cracking down on employers of illegal immigrants

18:59 31/07/2006
A wide variety of businesses in the United States employs illegal immigrants. A large black economy has been developed over the years, one which exploits the illegal workers directly through low...

Russian sues for action on US Green Card application

13:37 12/12/2005
A Russian man who now lives in Kernersville has filed a complaint against U.S. immigration agencies that alleges that they have unreasonably delayed processing his application for permanent residency...