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Immigration Advisory Service

Former Immigration Advisory Service clients can retrieve their files until 28 May 2012

18:30 08/03/2012
The Chief Registrar, Mr Registrar Baister, announced that any former UK Immigration Advisory Service (IAS) clients will be able to retrieve their files from the archives from now 27 February 2012...

Immigration Advisory Service closure - Reminder to IAS Clients

15:48 17/08/2011
Thousands of people pursuing asylum and immigration cases were left without support after the Immigration Advisory Service (IAS) charity went into unannounced administration on 8 July 2011. This...

UK Home Office announces illegal immigration crackdown

17:36 21/11/2006
• Watch This Video Home Secretary for the United Kingdom , John Reid, revealed this week a renewed effort as part of on-going plans to arrest Britons involved in people-smuggling and to identify and...

Medical care in UK attractive to foreign expecting mothers

10:58 15/12/2005
An investigation done by the BBC has found a growing number of women from overseas are travelling to Britain to give birth in British hospitals. The practice is costing some trusts hundreds of...

Immigration increases UK population by over 1 million

12:46 02/09/2005
Immigration has boosted the UK's population by over one million since 1997, a new report says. According to think-tank Migrationwatch UK, net migration had added more than 1.2 million to the UK...