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John Prescott

A call for 'regularisation' for some illegal immigrants in the UK

11:32 09/05/2007
• Watch This Video The advocacy organization, Strangers Into Citizens, held a gathering in a rainy Trafalgar Square, London on Monday to try to garner support for many of the illegal immigrants...

Romanian president expects wave of immigration from Moldova

14:06 05/02/2007
• Watch This Video In a recent interview, Romanian President Traian Basescu said that he expects a potentially large wave of immigration from neighboring Moldova because of Romania's recent accession...

Immigrants push up housing demand in UK

16:36 25/04/2006
According to UK government figures released April 23, five million new homes will be needed in Britain over the next 20 years with 1.5 million required because of record levels of immigration. The...

UK - Home Secretary still under investigation

12:05 14/12/2004
UK Home Secretary, David Blunkett, is still being investigated onallegations of fast tracking a visa application for his ex-lover'snanny. The finding of the investigation is supposed to be published...