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Mandie Campbell

Cleaner of UK's ex-immigration minister arrested as illegal immigrant

14:37 24/07/2014
On Friday 18th July, Isabella Acevado, a Colombian national, was arrested on the steps of Haringey Town Hall in north London moments before her daughter was due to be married. According to an eye...

UK immigration signs a year out of date

18:02 16/06/2014
The immigration signage in UK airports is still branded with the logo of the UK Border Agency over a year after the agency was abolished. On 26th March 2013, Home Secretary Theresa May abolished the...

UK Universities protest plan to raise visa costs

19:38 25/04/2005
Universities in the UK have reacted with anger to the government's attempt to raise overseas student visa prices during the election. Universities UK fears the new increase will make it harder for...