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Migrants in the EU send home €26 billion in 2006

11:31 14/11/2007
• Media Center » Video Immigration News Eurostat, the European Commission's statistic agency, has released figures showing that migrants in the European Union sent home approximately €26 billion in...

Spain reaps large benefits from legal and illegal immigration

14:54 18/05/2007
• Watch This Video Immigration has played a major role in boosting Spain's growing economy . However, the country still faces problems with illegal immigration along its southern border. According to...

Emigration increasing in the Netherlands - more skilled workers needed

17:16 04/05/2007
• Watch This Video With an ageing population, a strict immigration policy, and recent migration trends, the Netherlands could be facing some troubles in the future. While immigration into the country...

Scores of African migrants perish at sea, scores more risk their lives

12:37 20/12/2006
A fishing boat crowded with more than 100 African migrants capsized at least twice while sailing to Spain's Canary Islands , spilling passengers and leaving scores dead as survivors drifted for about...

More than 300,000 immigrants may apply for Italian citizenship under new law

12:04 28/09/2006
Under a new government draft law easing Italy 's strict citizenship laws, approximately 331,000 immigrants could apply to become Italian, a newly released study says. According to the survey carried...

Canary Islands President demands urgent action on illegal immigration

13:31 21/08/2006
The President of the Canary Islands has demanded that central government set up a crisis committee to address the problem of illegal immigration affecting the islands, a situation which he describes...