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Netherlands introduces Dutch language test for immigrants

14:00 21/02/2006
The Netherlands is introducing its new integration policy next month by establishing Dutch language and culture tests at 138 embassies, the country's immigration minister said this week. The 30-...

EU plans joint security force against illegal immigration

16:30 14/11/2005
The European Commission plans to create a joint Mediterranean security force to clamp down on illegal immigration from North Africa. Justice and Security Commissioner Franco Frattini was quoted in...

EU justice ministers to discuss immigration

13:25 12/10/2005
When Europe's justice ministers meet on 12 Oct., one of their topics for discussion will be increased information exchange between EU members states on immigration areas of concern. The European...

Algeria wants EU help in illegal migrant fight

17:32 10/10/2005
Algeria said on 9 Oct. it was stepping up efforts to fight illegal immigration, but that it wants the EU's help in doing so. The country is used as a transit area for illegal migrants en route to...

African migrants storm Spanish enclaves

12:09 04/10/2005
Several hundred African would-be immigrants, October 3, stormed a barrier on the border of the Spanish enclave of Melilla in Morocco. At least 200 people managed to get over the border when the fence...

UK to tackle illegal immigration during EU presidency

14:23 27/05/2005
The drive to manage illegal immigration will be one of the UK's priorities for its six-month presidency of the European Union, the country announced 26 May. Charles Clarke, the UK's home secretary,...