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New South Wales

Streamlined Australian visa applications for vocational students

14:00 26/04/2012
International students will soon find it easier to study at Australian educational institutions on Technical and Further Education (TAFE) courses under new streamlined visa arrangements. TAFE courses...

Australian immigration holds informational sessions on skilled migration

15:24 14/02/2012
Australia's Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) is sending immigration officers to visit the New South Wales and South Australia regions during the week beginning 20 February 2012 to...

Western Australia unable to attract skilled immigration visa holders

16:48 17/11/2011
Australia's Department of Immigration and Citizenship released new figures showing a significant decline in the number of migrants settling in Western Australia. The data further reveals the major...

Australia celebrates citizenship day

19:33 20/09/2011
On 17 September, Australia celebrated Citizenship Day; More than 4,000 people from 115 countries became Australian citizens at approximately 120 ceremonies across the Country. "This year is a...

More Immigration visas will lead to increase in Australian NSW population

13:56 26/06/2011
Population levels in New South Wales (NSW) are dropping dramatically; Net migration has gone down fifty percent in the last two years, caused in part by the Australian government making it more...

457 Work Visas a popular option for Australian employers

14:49 01/12/2010
Australia's temporary employment-based immigration scheme, the Subclass 457 work visa , is a very useful visa category for Australian employers who wish to hire overseas workers. Recent statistics...