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New South Wales

Australia's Riverina region looking for skilled migrants

15:25 14/07/2005
In a bid to promote economic development throughout the Riverina region of Australia , the Riverina Regional Development Board is encouraging applications from skilled people who are interested in...

Australia immigration - More Immigration from India

11:06 21/01/2005
New arrivals from India are making up an increasing proportion of migrants to Australia , the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper reports. According to a publication called The 2005 Year Book of...

Australian immigration highest for a decade

9:43 12/01/2005
With over 111,000 people arriving and settling, 2003-2004 saw the highest number of migrants and refugees coming to Australia in ten years, according to Australia's Department of Immigration and...

Australia - Skilled migrant age limit could be scrapped

11:41 29/03/2004
The joint standing committee on migration has proposed that the age limit of 45 should be removed on skilled migration applications for Australia. Currently, migration legislation is such that no one...