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New South Wales

Australian immigration authorities urged to admit prostitutes on 457 visas

9:46 19/06/2013
The industry body representing Australian prostitutes, the Australian Sex Workers Association, also known as the Scarlet Alliance, has demanded that the role of 'sex worker' should be placed on the...

Immigration contributes to Australian population growth

18:42 02/01/2013
Australia's population grew by 1.6% or 359,600 people in the year to the end of June 2012. 58% of that rise was caused by immigration. The population reached 22.7m in July, according to the...

Immigrant health workers face 'exploitation' in Australia

18:51 28/11/2012
A new report published has found that many female immigrants working in the healthcare sector in Australia are being exploited. The report says that the Australian government's decision to grant more...

Opportunity for skilled migrants to settle in New South Wales, Australia

15:16 08/11/2012
There is a great opportunity for skilled tradespeople and professionals from the UK and India and indeed other Countries to emigrate to New South Wales, the most populous state in Australia. It is...

Australia census statistics show rise in Asian immigration

15:54 23/10/2012
Census figures recently released by the Australian government show that over a quarter of Australians were born outside Australia. The Australian government has carried out a census every 10 years...

Australia sees increase in Working Holiday visa applicants

15:40 04/05/2012
The number of young people wishing to travel and work in Australia on the Working Holiday visa has increased by three percent in 2011, according to figures released by Destination NSW at the...