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New Zealand

Immigration news update: UK

19:07 27/11/2014
There were a number of significant immigration changes published by the Home Office on 16 October 2014. is providing further details of the main changes below. Tier 2 visas (Changes...

Australian Senate votes to save family visas

19:10 14/11/2014
We remind you that in September the Australian senate voted to save four visa classes which relate to family members. These visa categories had previously been discontinued from June 2014. Age...

Australia: inspectors now checking if employers meet immigration laws

11:21 27/10/2014
According to a recent report, Fair Work inspectors are now checking the immigration status of employees. An amendment to the Migration Act passed in 2013, makes it an offence for Australian employers...

Thousands of UK families forced to live apart due to visa rules

15:58 07/10/2014
A UK Labour MP has called for income requirements for marriage visas to be reviewed, after being contacted by two families who are being forced to live apart under the current scheme. Katy Clark, who...

Migrants looking elsewhere as US investor visas run out

14:57 29/09/2014
The number of applicants for New Zealand investor visas is set to rise, at least partly due to the US running out of EB-5 investor visas. The US has run out of investor visas which are available to...

UK to relax transit visa rules

18:27 25/09/2014
The UK has announced changes to the transit visa scheme, which will hopefully encourage visitors to stop over in the UK while en-route to other destinations. The announcement was made by Home...