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UK Passport Fee Rise

15:50 25/07/2006
• Watch This Video The BBC reports that the fee for a new adult 10-year passport is to increase by 29% from October, from £51 to £66. The Home Office said the new passport - dubbed the ePassport -...

UK student visas open to abuse via bogus language schools

10:43 10/07/2006
For more than two years, investigations and evidence have been mounting that some private language schools being set-up in Britain are nothing more than fronts to exploit loopholes in immigration law...

UK may have over 500,000 East European immigrants

13:26 07/07/2006
Originally, Britain estimated that the inclusion of ten new member states to the EU would result in approximately 15,000 new immigrants each year. For this reason, it was decided that the UK would...

UK landlord jailed for breaches of immigration law

19:08 10/02/2006
The BBC reports this week that one UK landlord who provided housing for immigrants has been jailed for a year. Michael Nevin, 36, of West End, Penwortham, Lancashire, admitted 25 charges of...

Civil Unions begin in UK

18:08 16/12/2005
Hundreds of same-sex couples in the United Kingdom have flocked to government offices to file for civil partnerships in the last week. Thomas Bauer said he mentioned in the barbershop that he had...

Medical care in UK attractive to foreign expecting mothers

10:58 15/12/2005
An investigation done by the BBC has found a growing number of women from overseas are travelling to Britain to give birth in British hospitals. The practice is costing some trusts hundreds of...