UK Immigration under Tier 2 harder for IT workers and others

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There have been suggestions that the Tier 2 (Intra company transfer) visa provides a loophole to enable Indian IT companies to bring overseas workers to the UK. It has been claimed that this enables employers to employ people at a lower salary than resident workers. The UK Government says that this is not true and that to come under Tier 2 overseas workers must be paid the going rate for the job.

The UK Border Agency will be making changes in the new year so that IT workers and other coming under the intra company transfer Tier 2 visa will need to have 12 months' experience instead of six months with the overseas employer before being transferred to the UK. In addition this category under Tier 2 will not lead to permanent residence in future.

Immigration Minister Phil Woolas had the following to say:

'Intra-company transfers are an important part of making the UK an attractive place in which to do business, and therefore keep industry and the economy moving.

'Workers that come in via this route must display the appropriate level of earnings and qualifications, and the numbers are strictly controlled by the points-based system - meaning only those the UK needs can come here.'