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Pakistan initiates special visas for businesspeople upon arrival

19:50 14/03/2006
The Directorate General, Immigration & Passports, Ministry of the Interior of Pakistan has decided to establish facilitation desks at all International Airports for issuing visas to businessmen...

Finland, Spain, Portugal to accept new EU member state workers

19:22 01/03/2006
The free movement of workers within the European Union supports the development of Europe, Finnish Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen said after meeting with his Czech counterpart Jiri Paroubek (senior...

UK sees slow down in workers from eastern Europe

18:15 01/03/2006
Nearly 350,000 jobseekers mainly from Poland, Lithuania and Slovakia have come to Britain since the EU's enlargement in 2004, a UK government report published on 28 February reveals. Towards the end...

UK immigrants contribute much, but need more help says report

12:39 29/12/2005
Tens of thousands of migrant workers in the UK's East Anglia should be given more help in getting state benefits, according to a new report. Researchers estimate there are up to 80,000 people in the...

Immigrants should embrace both old culture and new

12:12 17/11/2005
Countries hoping to integrate new immigrants should make sure the immigrants remain proud of and interested in their ethnic culture as well as their new home, suggests a new study on immigrant youth...

Migrant workers work for less in Wales

10:33 27/10/2005
Former Welsh Secretary Ron Davies says that migrant workers are paid less than local workers in Wales, and that workers from the new EU member states are forced to endure "Dickensian" labor...