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US Republicans want 'economic-based immigration' system

11:22 22/11/2013
Former Republican Vice-Presidential nominee Paul Ryan has told a conference that the Republicans want to remodel the US immigration system from 'family based immigration to an economic-based...

Business group prepares to spend big money for US immigration reform

17:51 22/01/2013
A group of US business leaders has announced that it is to create a fund to finance a campaign in favour of immigration reform. Carlos Gutierrez, who was commerce secretary under George W Bush, and...

2012 Green Card Lottery may be the last

12:32 18/10/2012
If the Republicans win the US elections held on 6th November 2012, then this could be the last ever Green Card Lottery. The Republicans plan legislation that would abolish it. A United States...

US Democrats promise law reform on immigration

10:13 07/09/2012
The United States Democratic Party has committed itself to a comprehensive reform of the laws governing illegal immigration. At the National Convention of the party, held in Charlotte, North Carolina...