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Theresa May

UK Immigration border chief resigns over relaxed border allegations

16:41 10/11/2011
The UK government is facing strong criticism after it was revealed the UK Border Agency had been downgrading immigration and visa checks. Head of the Border Force, Brodie Clark, resigned over claims...

British MPs slam UK student visa policy

11:41 27/07/2011
A parliamentary committee has taken the UK Government to task over its recent tightening of student immigration rules, saying that the new restrictions could cost the UK economy £3.6 billion over the...

UK expects 230,000 fewer student visas over next 5 years

12:01 14/06/2011
The UK Government has announced that it expects to reduce the level of student immigration into the country by almost a quarter million over the next five years, due to stricter visa rules. A Home...

UK Deputy Prime Minister criticises UK Prime Minister on immigration

10:55 20/04/2011
Nick Clegg the Liberal Democrat Deputy Prime Minister has attacked the Conservative Party Prime Minister's immigration plans. He says that reducing the number of immigrants to tens of thousands a...

UK may raise English language requirements for foreign students

14:15 13/01/2011
The UK is likely to implement stricter English language requirements in a bid to reduce student immigration for below degree level courses. If the measures are put in place, tens of thousands of...

UK High Court: Immigration cap unlawful - Apply now for your Tier 1 or Tier 2 visa!

9:32 18/12/2010
An interim cap introduced last summer has been deemed unlawful by the UK High Court; High Court Judges have ruled that ministers needed parliamentary approval before going ahead with the temporary...