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Theresa May

Home Secretary vows to reduce UK immigration numbers

17:18 08/11/2010
In her first major speech on immigration , UK Home Secretary Theresa May stated that her goal was to bring in more high-value migrants to the UK, such as investors and research scientists, while at...

UK will not implement 'earned citizenship'

15:59 08/11/2010
The UK Government has decided to abandon its plans to implement an 'earned citizenship' policy which was due to go into effect in July of 2011. Earned citizenship would require immigrants to apply...

UK Immigration cap will go ahead on 19 July - Will affect Tier 2 visa applications

14:05 28/06/2010
Today will see further details of the UK immigration cap announced. There will be a temporary cap from 19 July 2010 ahead of the permanent cap due to start in April 2011. The number of workers from...

UK immigration cap may not happen

13:34 25/06/2010
The UK Coalition Government is reconsidering plans to introduce an immigration cap. During times of economic growth immigration has been of enormous benefit to the UK economy providing much needed...

UK Marriage visa applicants will have to pass English language test

17:19 10/06/2010
In future immigrants from non European Union Countries who wish to join their spouse or settled partner (those with permanent residence or British Citizenship) in the UK will need to pass an English...

UK Identity cards no longer needed by immigrants

17:10 31/05/2010
Recently the UK Government has announced that identity cards for immigrants and British citizens will be scrapped within 100 days. The National Identity Register which holds biographic and biometric...