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Theresa May

UK immigration staff expected to strike on 10 May

14:53 07/05/2012
UK immigration staff are planning to stage a one-day strike in a dispute over public sector pensions. The strike, set for 10 May is expected to cause even further disruption and result in delays at...

Tighter UK Tier 4 visa rules for Pakistani students

14:04 20/04/2012
Pakistani students wishing to study in the UK will face tough new tests after a pilot scheme found that as many as four in ten applicants should be rejected mostly due to poor English language skills...

Airlines warn of possible delays at UK immigration Border

9:52 05/04/2012
UK airlines are warning of potential delays at airports during Easter and during the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations due to tougher immigration checks at border control. The British Air...

Easier UK visa rules for visiting non-EU artists

19:19 02/04/2012
Under new UK immigration visa rules non-EU artists may have an easier time obtaining visit visas for the UK. The new visa rules will allow for overseas artists to enter the UK to work without having...

New UK visa rules for travellers from Libya, Egypt and Syria

15:08 29/03/2012
New UK visa rules have been introduced for travellers from Libya, Egypt and Syria transiting through UK airports. From 3 April 2012, nationals from these countries will need to apply for a Direct...

Leaked documents suggest UK marriage visa clampdown

12:47 28/03/2012
According to a leaked cabinet letter, UK Home Secretary Theresa May is planning an immigration crackdown on tens of thousands of people who fraudulently use family visas to settle in the UK. The...