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Theresa May

UK Education sector worried; Possible student immigration decline

13:50 06/12/2010
Senior figures in the UK education sector are warning that indecision within the Government on changes to the Tier 4 student immigration program will harm the UK universities sector and the UK as a...

UK Tier 1 Highly skilled Visas to be abolished – Apart from the lucky few

19:46 23/11/2010
Today's announcement by UK Home Secretary Theresa May means that the Tier 1 (General) visa previously known as the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme will in effect be abolished. The new UK 'highly...

UK announces permanent skilled immigration cap: Tier 1 for the select few and an overall reduction in immigration

11:04 23/11/2010
The UK Government has announced a permanent cap of 21,700 on skilled immigration to take effect in April of 2011. Moreover, Tier 1 will be restricted to entrepreneurs , investors and 'exceptionally...

Home Secretary vows to reduce UK immigration numbers

17:18 08/11/2010
In her first major speech on immigration , UK Home Secretary Theresa May stated that her goal was to bring in more high-value migrants to the UK, such as investors and research scientists, while at...

UK will not implement 'earned citizenship'

15:59 08/11/2010
The UK Government has decided to abandon its plans to implement an 'earned citizenship' policy which was due to go into effect in July of 2011. Earned citizenship would require immigrants to apply...

UK Immigration cap will go ahead on 19 July - Will affect Tier 2 visa applications

14:05 28/06/2010
Today will see further details of the UK immigration cap announced. There will be a temporary cap from 19 July 2010 ahead of the permanent cap due to start in April 2011. The number of workers from...