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Tim Finch

UK immigration Tier 2 visa rules leaves Britain 24,000 nurses short

17:36 18/06/2015
The UK's healthcare industry has been left with a nursing shortfall of 24,000 staff this year according to consultancy firm, Christie & Co, due to a combination of tougher UK immigration rules...

UK 'would fall apart' if immigrants left

19:36 07/05/2014
The UK would 'fall apart' if all immigrants currently living in the country decided to leave tomorrow, according to a well-respected London think-tank. Tim Finch, associate director of migration at...

UK Immigration cap will go ahead on 19 July - Will affect Tier 2 visa applications

14:05 28/06/2010
Today will see further details of the UK immigration cap announced. There will be a temporary cap from 19 July 2010 ahead of the permanent cap due to start in April 2011. The number of workers from...

Study: UK should urge skilled migrants to stay

16:44 12/08/2009
A new report says that an increasing number of migrants are leaving the United Kingdom after staying for only a short period of time. The report also found that those who are most likely to leave are...

Immigrants needed in the UK

19:58 14/01/2009
The government's Borders, Immigration and Citizenship Bill is due to be published this Thursday. The institute for public policy research (ippr), says that if it is more difficult for migrants to...