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Paper examines HIV-positive immigrants in Canada

11:05 24/02/2006
Toronto, Canada's Globe and Mail on Friday examined the challenges facing HIV-positive recent immigrants in Toronto and the ways in which they receive support. In 2005, 19% of new HIV cases in...

Vancouver, Canada named best city to live in

16:10 01/02/2006
For the fourth year in a row, Vancouver, Canada has claimed the top spot on an international ranking of the world's most livable cities. In its annual survey of world cities, the think-tank division...

Canada may phase out immigration landing fee

15:24 04/01/2006
Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin is promising to phase out a hated immigration landing fee he imposed in 1995, his latest effort to gather support for his party among new Canadians. Martin now...

Increased immigration helps Canada's population grow

9:09 30/09/2005
Increased immigration gave Canada the second highest rate of population growth among G8 countries over a 10-year period, according to Statistics Canada. The country's population jumped by 2.98...

Canada immigration minister wants major changes

12:43 27/09/2005
Canada's Immigration Minister is pushing for major changes to the country's immigration system, according to government sources. If the changes are accepted, Canada will be bringing in more than 300,...

Canadian visa applicants no longer need to list AIDS status

19:54 20/07/2005
HIV-positive visitors to Canada are no longer required to disclose their medical status to get a temporary visa. Health advocates argued there's no reason for the federal government to collect the...