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Former Russian spy denied return to Canada

14:43 04/08/2006
A Russian woman who spied on Canada for six years after assuming the identity of a dead child lost an appeal to return to the country to live with her new Canadian husband . Canada's federal court...

Ottawa ranked as first in economic growth in Canada

18:29 11/07/2006
• Watch This Video People looking to immigrate to Canada will be very interested to know about the recent rankings for technology-heavy sectors. A recent analysis by CIBC World Markets Inc. (a...

Canadian construction workers unhappy with immigration policies

14:30 21/04/2006
Canadian construction workers held a press conference to voice their concern over the government's immigration policies and the consequences to the construction industry. The 35,000 construction...

Canadian construction industry looking overseas for skilled labour

16:02 12/04/2006
Canada is experiencing a 32 year low in unemployment. There are now labour shortfalls occuring in certain sectors. The construction industry is suffering huge skilled labour shortages, especially in...

Mexican president's solution to Canada's labour shortage

17:16 29/03/2006
The Mexican President Vincente Fox has offered Canada a solution to the labour shortages it is experiencing, due in part to its aging population. The president of Mexico did not give too much away,...

Immigration lessons for Europe from Canada and Australia

14:30 07/03/2006
The 'China towns' of Toronto and Sydney, kebabs in Berlin, or the excellent Indian cuisine in London are now a daily reality for those who live in these cities. But immigration in Australia, Canada...