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Microsoft opens Canada center in response to US immigration problems

13:11 10/07/2007
• Watch This Video Software giant Microsoft announced that it will open a new Microsoft Canada Development Centre in Vancouver, Canada in response to the challenge of bringing in enough foreign...

Germany's professionals look for greener pastures abroad

17:40 12/02/2007
• Watch This Video Benedikt Thoma recalls the moment he began to think seriously about leaving Germany . It was in 2004, at a New Year's Day reception in nearby Frankfurt, and the guest speaker, a...

Canada seeks to ease residency rules for foreign religious leaders

19:15 08/12/2006
Some ethnic communities in Canada are concerned about the lack of ease for religious leaders to immigrate into the country. Federal immigration officials are expressing interest in making the process...

UN report - economic role of immigrant women overlooked

14:08 24/10/2006
• Watch This Video According to a new UN report released last month, international policy makers have largely overlooked the role that immigrant women play in their contribution toward remitting...

Canadian poll - biometric identification and immigration in favour

12:41 04/10/2006
• Watch This Video Most Canadians do not understand what biometrics are, but think the government should use them to prevent prospective immigrants from using bogus identity documents to enter the...

Canada - Immigration drives British Columbia population growth

11:09 11/08/2006
• Watch This Video In a search of a "better life" and all things associated with that dream, Cindy Zhao says she moved to British Columbia from China this year for more money, cleaner air, an easier...