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New Miss Universe hopes to be a role model for immigrants

11:23 31/05/2005
Natalie Glebova, the newly-crowned Miss Universe, a Canadian from Russia, said she hopes to be a role model for immigrants all over the world. The dark-haired, green-eyed 23-year-old beat four...

Canada allows foreign post-graduates to work for two years

16:10 18/05/2005
As of 16 May Canada's post-graduation work program allows certain students to work for up to two years after their graduation. Previously, students were only allowed to work for one year. Foreign...

Canadian province targets rich immigrants

9:04 15/03/2005
Nova Scotia in Eastern Canada is pioneering a new way to attract skilled immigrants and business immigrants , the Toronto Star newspaper reports. Under Canadian law, provinces can set their own...

Canadian immigrant at centre of scandal ordered to leave

16:29 02/02/2005
The man whose accusations forced Canada's immigration minister to resign will be deported from the country, the Globe and Mail newspaper reports. Immigration Minister Judy Sgro resigned from the...

New Canadian immigration minister - faster refugee processing

19:49 18/01/2005
Following the January 13 resignation of Judy Sgro, newly-appointed Canadian Immigration Minister Joe Volpe will seek to speed up the process of determining who is a refugee, the website Cnews reports...

Scandal forces Canadian immigration minister to quit

13:29 17/01/2005
Canada's Immigration Minister Judy Sgro resigned January 13 after allegedly offering to help an asylum seeker stay in Canada, Reuters reports. Ms. Sgro was forced to quit after Toronto pizza shop...