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UK Border Agency

UK immigration inspector says UKBA ignored police data on missing asylum seekers

9:13 03/07/2013
The UK's chief inspector of immigration, John Vine, has issued a final damning report into the workings of the UK Border Agency (UKBA) which was abolished in March 2013. He found that, while there...

Senior civil servant says UK immigration and visa services face cuts

9:07 02/07/2013
One of the UK's most senior civil servants, Mark Sedwill, gave evidence to an influential committee of MPs this month about the future of the UK's immigration services. Mr Sedwill told the Home...

UK judges attack government over cuts to legal aid for migrants

12:56 17/06/2013
The UK's legal establishment has united in condemnation of plans by the government to limit the right of some immigrants to the UK to receive legal aid in immigration cases. The UK's Justice...

Latest figures show UK immigration missing visa processing targets

10:04 06/06/2013
The latest figures released by the UK government show that the UK immigration authorities managed to process only 51% of employment based UK visas within their Service Standard period (four weeks for...

UK's chief independent immigration inspector to stay in post until 2015

16:22 04/06/2013
John Vine, the UK's Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration, has agreed to renew his contract. Mr Vine was first appointed in 2008 and has been credited by MPs with exposing many...

UK immigration runs pilot of visa expiry 'reminder' service

18:57 18/04/2013
The UK's immigration authorities have announced a new scheme to remind foreign nationals in the UK when their visa is close to expiry. The pilot scheme has already started. The Home Office will run...