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UK Border Agency

UK venture capital calls for more UK Tier 1 visas

16:28 12/02/2013
A leading UK investment organisation has issued a report which recommends that the UK immigration authorities introduce changes to its Tier 1 (high value migrants) visa regime in order to help kick-...

New rules for Tier 2 (Intra Company Transfer) and Tier 2 General visas

15:14 11/02/2013
We would like to draw your attention to several recent changes to the rules governing the grant of Tier 2 visas by the UK government. The rules were introduced on December 13th 2012. Perhaps the...

Oxford professor urges UK government to cut immigration red tape

14:03 06/02/2013
An Oxford professor of economics has written an open letter to the UK's Prime Minister, David Cameron, advising him to make immigration to the UK easier in order to improve the economy. Professor...

UK immigration is driving students away, says former ambassador

16:19 05/02/2013
Sir Christopher Meyer, the UK's ambassador to Washington between 1997 and 2003, has told UK newspaper The Daily Telegraph that the UK Border Agency is driving international students away from the UK...

UK immigration minister announces changes to Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa

15:37 31/01/2013
The UK immigration minister, Mark Harper, has announced that there is to be a new system of checks made on those applying for Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visas. Mr Harper delivered a written statement to...

UK watchdog finds new backlog of immigration applications

9:48 28/01/2013
The UK's chief inspector of immigration, John Vine, has found yet another backlog at the UK Border Agency (UKBA). Mr Vine published his new report into the UKBA's systems for dealing with marriage...