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UK Border Force

UK immigration may introduce fast stream passport checks for VIPs

11:38 19/09/2012
The acting head of the UK Border Force (the UKBF), Brian Moore, told the House of Commons Home Affairs Select Committee that the organisation is considering the introduction of a fast stream at...

Army may replace UK immigration staff in event of general strike

10:32 12/09/2012
Yesterday, the Trades Union Congress, an annual gathering of UK Trades Unions voted to explore the practicalities of a general strike to protest at the ongoing cuts being imposed by the UK's...

UK immigration authorities admit laying off too many staff to save costs

18:15 11/09/2012
Dame Helen Ghosh, the civil servant who is Permanent Secretary to the Home Office, has said that the UK Border Agency (UKBA) and the UK Border Force (UKBF) had persuaded too many staff to leave with...

Whistle blowers claim untrained UK immigration staff made mistakes

10:40 14/08/2012
Whistle blowers have claimed that extra staff deployed by the UK Border Force during the London Olympic Games were responsible for a series of potentially serious errors. 500 extra staff were...

UK Border Force report finding fewer fake UK passports

18:19 08/08/2012
The number of fake passports detected at UK ports and airports has nearly halved in the past five years, according to new statistics. UK border officials found 1,858 forgeries last year compared to 3...

UK immigration to bring in extra staff to deal with long queues

11:56 22/05/2012
UK Immigration Minister Damian Green announced that the UK Border Force will be recruiting an additional 70 staff at Heathrow Airport to deal with long queues. He said the staff would be brought in...