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UK Home Office

UK immigration to remove full right of appeal for rejected family visitor visas

19:42 21/05/2012
Under new immigration rules, the UK Border Agency is planning to remove the full right of appeal for all immigrants applying to enter the UK on a family visitor visa in July 2012. However, due to...

Tighter UK Tier 4 visa rules for Pakistani students

14:04 20/04/2012
Pakistani students wishing to study in the UK will face tough new tests after a pilot scheme found that as many as four in ten applicants should be rejected mostly due to poor English language skills...

UK Immigrant domestic violence support scheme becomes permanent

17:51 04/04/2012
A 2009 pilot scheme set up to help immigrants forced to leave relationships as a result of domestic violence is being made permanent, the UK Home Office has announced. The scheme provides help for...

Critics argue tighter immigration laws are hurting UK universities

9:25 09/02/2012
A former UK education minister claims that stricter immigration rules are harming UK universities because they are missing out on students from India. Labour's former education minister Baroness...

MPs say relaxed UK border checks pilot program should not be scrapped by immigration officials

18:18 24/01/2012
A breakdown of communication between immigration officials led to the "lighter touch" UK immigration officers used at passport and visa checks last year, a Parliamentary inquiry consisting of MPs (UK...

UK Tier 2 work visa cap raises concerns from London businesses

18:46 08/12/2011
London businesses are postponing expansion plans and even considering moving abroad amidst fears of the UK governmen t placing even tougher restrictions on UK Tier 2 work visas, according to a new...