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UK Home Office

Lords claim Tier 4 students discouraged from immigrating to UK

19:50 05/07/2012
Two UK Lords, members of the House of Lords, have warned that the UK continues to look unattractive to foreign students applying for Tier 4 visas and that the government should exclude students from...

UK visa overstayers will be refused further leave

12:39 05/07/2012
From 1 October 2012 if you have overstayed your leave in the UK by more than 28 days any application for further leave will be refused. This change in the Immigration Rules will affect applicants... offers same day applications for UK visas - apply now!

11:25 31/05/2012
Some UK visas can take months to be processed by the Home Office Immigration department, in other case you will have to spend the entire day at the public enquiry office to have your application...

UK immigration to require tuberculosis screening for some UK visa applicants

14:36 28/05/2012
The UK Home Office announced that immigrants from countries with a high incidence of tuberculosis (TB) will soon be required to be screened for the disease before being approved for a UK visa. UK...

UK immigration to bring in extra staff to deal with long queues

11:56 22/05/2012
UK Immigration Minister Damian Green announced that the UK Border Force will be recruiting an additional 70 staff at Heathrow Airport to deal with long queues. He said the staff would be brought in...

UK immigration to remove full right of appeal for rejected family visitor visas

19:42 21/05/2012
Under new immigration rules, the UK Border Agency is planning to remove the full right of appeal for all immigrants applying to enter the UK on a family visitor visa in July 2012. However, due to...