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UK Home Office

Huge reduction in UK family based immigration proposed

16:52 20/11/2011
The UK government's advisors on UK immigration policy the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) has recommended an increase in minimum salary requirements to bring a spouse to the UK. If approved, the...

UK Immigration Minister will say that there are too many people on Tier 4 student visas

19:48 06/09/2010
Immigration Minister Damian Green has said that levels of student immigration under the Tier 4 student visa were "unsustainable". There have been rumours that the popular Tier 1 Post Study Work visa...

UK Identity cards abolished for immigrants and others

13:32 18/05/2010
The new UK Home Secretary Theresa May has announced that the identity card system will be abolished. Theresa May had the following to say: "We will be scrapping ID cards but also introducing an...

UK Immigration comments on Pakistani Visa Refusals

14:32 16/12/2009
The United Kingdom Border Agency has recently commented on media reports that suggest that Pakistani's are more likely to be refused visas to the UK . UK Border Agency Chief Executive Lin Homer had...

ID cards to be issued to foreigners in the UK

15:15 27/11/2008
On 25 November the UK Home Office started the process of issuing compulsory identity cards to foreigners living in Britain. In a move that signals the first significant phase of the Government's £4...

UK and Ireland 'strengthening' Common Travel Area

18:25 04/08/2008
• Media Center » Video Immigration News The United Kingdom and Ireland may introduce passport checks between their borders; this will be the first time since shortly after Ireland gained its...