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UK Home Office

UK's new ILR changes just around the corner

10:55 29/03/2006
The UK Home Office wants all permanent residence (ILR) application forms to be submitted by March 31. The Office announced important changes in Immigration Rules, earlier this month. The changes will...

Points based system not to affect UK IT immigration

12:15 27/03/2006
Overseas IT specialists migrating to the UK will most likely to be awarded the highest status in the UK Home Office's points-based immigration system. The points ranking system for immigrants wishing...

UK: Five years, not four, to gain permanent residence

11:42 14/03/2006
The UK Home Office has announced important changes in Immigration Rules, which will affect people applying for leave to remain, and indefinite leave to remain (or settlement). The changes will take...

The UK releases migration consultation document

9:40 17/10/2005
The UK has released a managed migration consultation document. Click on the PDF file to view the consultation document in its entirety as released by the UK Home Office. Consultation document (PDF...

UK announces new Further Leave to Remain (FLR) application form

10:21 08/09/2005
The UK Home Office has announced that an updated version of the FLR(IED) application form is now available. This version of the form (Version 09/2005) is only valid for applications submitted on or...

Immigration increases UK population by over 1 million

12:46 02/09/2005
Immigration has boosted the UK's population by over one million since 1997, a new report says. According to think-tank Migrationwatch UK, net migration had added more than 1.2 million to the UK...