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UK Home Office

UK Identity cards abolished for immigrants and others

13:32 18/05/2010
The new UK Home Secretary Theresa May has announced that the identity card system will be abolished. Theresa May had the following to say: "We will be scrapping ID cards but also introducing an...

UK Immigration comments on Pakistani Visa Refusals

14:32 16/12/2009
The United Kingdom Border Agency has recently commented on media reports that suggest that Pakistani's are more likely to be refused visas to the UK . UK Border Agency Chief Executive Lin Homer had...

ID cards to be issued to foreigners in the UK

15:15 27/11/2008
On 25 November the UK Home Office started the process of issuing compulsory identity cards to foreigners living in Britain. In a move that signals the first significant phase of the Government's £4...

UK and Ireland 'strengthening' Common Travel Area

18:25 04/08/2008
• Media Center » Video Immigration News The United Kingdom and Ireland may introduce passport checks between their borders; this will be the first time since shortly after Ireland gained its...

UK Home Office announces new immigration fees

13:51 31/01/2008
• Media Center » Watch This Video The UK Home Office has announced a general increase in existing immigration fees to take affect in the near future. Some new fees were announced as well, including a...

More criticism at ending UK SAWS migration scheme

17:33 15/11/2007
• Media Center » Video Immigration News At a meeting with the Parliamentary British Fruit Industry Group on 13 November 2007, Hugh Robertson, MP for Faversham and Mid Kent, said that the UK...