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UK's Migration Advisory Committee

Immigration Report: UK workers not displaced by immigrants

15:54 18/07/2014
The UK's Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) has released a lengthy report about the impacts of low-skilled immigration into the UK. The report has found that, overall, the UK's liberal immigration...

UK immigration committee recommends Tier 1 visa-auction

10:25 06/03/2014
The UK's Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) has recommended that there should be changes to the Tier 1 (Investor) visa because they say it is of questionable benefit to the UK taxpayer. One of their...

UK's top immigration advisor questions value of Tier 1 Investor visa

14:55 30/12/2013
Sir David Metcalfe, the head of the UK's Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) gave evidence to the House of Commons' Home Affairs Committee last week. He told the Committee that no one he asked knew...

MAC recommends reduction in UK immigration's shortage occupation list

18:23 20/03/2013
Changes to UK immigration are to be introduced on April 6th – read about them here! To come under the Tier 2 (General) visa scheme it is easier if the occupation is on the Shortage Occupation List...

Indian IT firms threaten to relocate because of UK visa changes

10:55 18/04/2012
Indian officials warned the UK that Indian IT companies may relocate their businesses to other countries, if the UK government insists on tough visa rules which affect Indian IT professionals. India'...

UK immigration could clamp down on Tier 2 intra-company transfer visas

17:07 02/03/2012
UK employers and the British Chambers of Commerce are urging ministers not to reduce the number of migrant workers allowed into the UK via the intra-company transfer (ICT) route. They say it is vital...