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Western Australia

Foreign workers flood Australia

9:29 06/07/2006
• Watch This Video Foreign workers are arriving in Australia at the rate of 158 a day. More than 58,000 workers holding temporary skilled work visas arrived in Australia in the year to April,...

Australia's skilled immigration policies working

12:40 18/04/2006
Australia has boosted its number of skilled workers in its labour force by 78,000 already this year. This has been achieved by immigration policies put in place by the Australian Government, to solve...

Australian business entices Indian skilled labour to immigrate

17:13 24/03/2006
Skilled migration to Australia is set to continue as ministers and heads of business travel to India to recruit skilled labour to fill Australia's growing labour market shortage. Twenty Australian...

Irish businesses encouraged to set up in Australia

12:10 17/03/2006
At the Down Under Expo in Dublin this week, Irish businesses were encouraged to consider Australia as an ideal commercial location. More than 50 specialist exhibitors from Australia attended the two-...

Australia's illegal immigration hotline successful

10:53 28/12/2005
Since the installation of a new hotline was established in February 2004 in Australia , 50,000 calls were made turning in illegal workers and visa over-stayers. Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone...

Asia tops Europe in Victoria, Australia migration boom

14:11 27/12/2005
Immigrants from Asia are leading a migration boom to Australia's Victoria, figures show. Almost half of the 30,581 migrants who made Victoria their home in 2004-05 were born in Asian nations. India...