Australia launches global tourism campaign in China

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Australia launched a multi-million dollar global tourism campaign in Shanghai on 4 June targeting Chinese visitors.

The Australian government announced they will spend AUD$170 million over the next three years to boost tourism. Australian Tourism Chief Executive Andrew McEvoy said the government chose Shanghai to launch the "Nothing Like Australia" campaign; Australia is popular among wealthy Chinese people.

"Using fresh imagery of some of Australia's most appealing attractions is an integral part of a long term strategy to grow our $73.3 billion tourism industry," Australian Tourism Minister Martin Ferguson said. "Attracting visitors to Australia ... we have to constantly remind international visitors that Australia possesses tourism attractions, products and experiences that are amongst the best in the world."

China is already Australia's fastest growing international tourism market, worth more than AUD$3.8 billion in 2011; officials said it could be worth up to AUD$9 billion a year by the end of the decade.

Their current focus is Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, but the campaign will also be taken to the UK and the US by the end of 2012. The campaign is made up of television commercials, print advertising and an interactive tablet app.

''Part of our focus is to use word of mouth and digital advocacy to sell Australia. We know that stories bring people together and a large focus for this campaign is to use social and digital channels to allow people to share their experiences of our country,'' said Tourism Australia executive general manager of consumer marketing, Nick Baker.

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