Increase in immigrants working on 457 visas in Western Australia

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Foreign workers have continued to immigrate to Western Australia on 457 temporary work visas sponsored by construction and mining industry employers in order to address Australia's severe skills shortages. Australian immigration figures show that the number of visas granted for foreign workers going to Western Australia increased by 88 percent to 13,250 in the first 10 months of this financial year. Also, 90 percent of workers immigrating to Western Australia on the 457 visa are managers, professionals or skilled tradespeople, with most going to work in the construction and mining industry.

The biggest source of foreign workers in Western Australia is from the UK, followed by the Philippines, Ireland and the US. Popular occupations include mining engineers, geologists, metal fitters and drillers.

Their has also been a 73 percent growth in the number of 457 visas granted for workers in Queensland, where 9,300 visas have been granted so far this year.

Demand for labour has been stronger in Western Australia as compared to other areas of Australia due to its skills shortages. Most of these available positions in Western Australia are in occupations in the mining or construction industry, however, since they are mostly located in remote places, labour gaps are widening.

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