New Australian Skilled Occupations and changes to MODL

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The Australian Department of Immigration and Multicultural (and Indigenous) Affairs (DIMIA) has added several new occupations to the Skilled Occupations List, falling under the category of Agricultural Professionals.

Individuals who work in the following occupations now have a chance to apply for permanent residency in Australia under one of the General SKilled migration categories:

  • Agricultural adviser
  • Agricultural scientist
  • Environmental research scientist
  • Forester
  • Park ranger
  • Soil scientist

These are all 50-point occupations, requiring a bachelor's degree or higher qualification, and are assessed by VETASSESS.

Also on 8 September, DIMIA has added several new occupations to the Migration Occupations in Demand List (MODL), which allows applicants to claim additional points if their occupation falls into one of the new professions on this list:

  • Accountant
  • Automotive Electrician
  • Fitter
  • Furniture Upholsterer
  • Metal Fabricator (Boilermaker)
  • Metal Machinist (First Class)
  • Motor Mechanic
  • Panel Beater
  • Pastry Cook
  • Sheet Metal Worker (First Class)
  • Toolmaker
  • Vehicle Painter
  • Welder (First Class)

From 8 September 2004, subject to these occupations being on the MODL at the time their application is assessed, applicants who have nominated one of these occupations will be awarded either 15 points or 20 points if they have an offer of full-time employment.

The offer of employment needs to be made by an organisation employing at least 10 people on a full-time basis for at least 24 months before the application was lodged.

For a complete list of all the MODL occupations, please see our points calculator, which can also be used to determine whether or not you qualify for skilled migration to Australia.