Priti Patel claims migrants think France is a racist country


Priti Patel visits Calais 12 July 2020

Andrew Parsons / No 10 Downing Street

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Comments by Sanwar Ali:

Is this some sort of bizarre attempt to distract attention away from the numerous serious problems with discrimination and racism in the UK.  What is Priti Patel and the Government doing to deal with racism and discrimination in the UK?  BAME (Black and Minority Ethnic) groups in the UK feel in many cases that they are mistreated.  They do not have faith in the Justice system.  There are many professionals who feel discriminated against by their regulators.  Even Judges from minority groups are bringing discrimination claims against the Ministry of Justice in the Employment Tribunal.

Are the large number of minorities in the UK Conservative Government just there for “window dressing”?  Boris Johnson can then boast about the large number of Asians at the highest levels in the Government.  Perhaps this makes it easier to claim that there is nothing wrong and then do nothing about racism and discrimination.  The new UK race inequality commission is being set up by an eccentric Asian Munira Mirza a former supporter of the Revolutionary Communist party, and currently head of the No. 10 Policy Unit, who does not seem to believe that institutional racism exists.   Perhaps instead of criticising France, Priti Patel should look at what is happening in the UK and especially look at institutional racism at the Home Office.

According to a report published by The Mail on Sunday, Priti Patel was quoted saying ‘migrants think France is racist.’ The Home Secretary was quick to insist that this was the opinion of migrants. Patel’s comments come amid a spat with France over it’s perceived lack of effort to stop migrant crossings in the English Channel.

Hundred of migrants have being arriving on British shores in recent weeks as the crisis continues to escalate. UK immigration minister, Chris Philp, was in Paris recently to discuss ways France could help ease Channel crossings, but came away empty-handed and later made a huge gaffe during a live television interview.

Patel’s comments came during a conference call with other government ministers. A government source told the The Mail on Sunday: “Ms Patel made it very clear that comments made about France being racist are very much the views of migrants.”

No response from French government to Patel remarks

The French government has so far not responded to Patel’s comments, but they’re likely to add fuel to an already volatile situation between the UK and France.

Responding to Patel’s comments, the Home Office said: “The Home Secretary is frustrated by the increasing number of boats crossing the Channel and is working to have legislation ready once Britain has left the transition period from the European Union at the end of this year.”

Patel also allegedly said that migrants fear being tortured in France, with one lawmaker saying: “Migrants claim they feel discriminated against when, for example, looking for work in France. Others claimed they feared being tortured if they stayed in France or Germany.”

The Home Secretary said she did not believe France would torture migrants, but said because migrants believe this to be true, it’s one of the reasons they continue on to the UK.

However, another lawmaker on the conference call – who wished to remain anonymous – said that she got the impression Patel was labelling France racist. The anonymous lawmaker said: “She [Patel] was calling them racist and she is right. They are more racist than us.”

Britain and France to work together on reducing illegal crossings

Reports suggested Britain and France were ‘working at pace’ to make Channel crossings completely unviable. However, following Philp’s visit to France, talks seemingly broke down, with France apparently demanding more money to patrol their northern shores.

Since 2015, the UK has contributed £100 million to border patrols in France and has indicated that it’s willing to contribute more to stop Channel crossings.

According to Philp, France and the UK are agreed that the Channel crossings are ‘completely unacceptable.’ can help with Tier 2 Visa Sponsor Licence and Tier 2 Visa

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