2011 Representative Programme

Support migrant centric journalism today and donate has been in the immigration consultancy business since 1988 (formerly BCL Immigration Services) and is one of the most popular immigration related sites in the World. Following growth in 2010, our 2011 expansion plan involves appointing representatives local to our site users. Our 2011 programme is designed for professional companies, particularly those in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, South Africa, the Philippines, the UAE, Thailand, Australia, Canada, Russia, and Ukraine. In larger countries we will accredit separately for each state.

Successful applicants appointed to represent us gain from:

  1. Association with, and the right to local use, of the brand. is a well known and respected global brand whose website is visited by about half a million people a month. Representatives can use the name in promotions and advertising material for their geographical area.
  2. Thousands of pounds worth of free advertising on the site and other sites such as,, etc.
  3. Free promotion in the newsletter which is sent out to about one hundred thousand opt-in subscribers every week. The subscriber base will be divided by area and you will be promoted to subscribers in your area
  4. Your organisation's contact details mentioned on the site.
  5. Advice and assistance on the design of leaflets, posters and other types of promotional literature for your geographical area.
  6. Advice and assistance to clients on immigration to the UK, Australia, Canada, the USA, various European Countries, etc.
  7. We will develop a section of the site to promote your organisation.
  8. News reports on the site to promote your organisation and your services.
  9. Use of the video production services. There may be a separate charge for this.
  10. Access to the Migration and Move service. We will help selected clients with their visa application and provide employment assistance.

You will stand a much better chance of business success in the immigration consultancy area as a representative. If you join the representative programme you will benefit from over twenty-two years of experience in the immigration visa business and benefit from a well known international brand. We have in-house consultants and lawyers with many years of immigration experience in dealing with immigration applications who can help you and your clients.

If you would like to represent, please write to us at with full details of your organisation. Generally, the fees to be a representative will vary depending on geographical area and population.