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Immigration news

Australian firms hiring skilled Brits, South Africans for mining jobs

17:44 24/02/2006
The mining business in the Bowen Basin of Australia is booming, and many employers are struggling to find enough skilled staff locally. Some local firms have taken the initiative and are actively...

Paper examines HIV-positive immigrants in Canada

11:05 24/02/2006
Toronto, Canada's Globe and Mail on Friday examined the challenges facing HIV-positive recent immigrants in Toronto and the ways in which they receive support. In 2005, 19% of new HIV cases in...

US immigration laws hindering students, workers, say experts

10:55 24/02/2006
Some lawyers and educators are calling for changes in U.S. immigration policies. They say current rules are too restrictive and discourage talented people from around the world from coming to the...

Siemens wins UK immigration contract

19:55 23/02/2006
The UK's Immigration and Nationality Directorate has welcomed back an IT supplier that was at the centre of its previous computer failures. The Home Office commissioned Siemens Business Services to...

UK civil partnership law welcomed by gay immigrants

13:05 23/02/2006
Immigrants seeking entrance into t he United Kingdom now have an easier route to follow, thanks to December's law allowing gay civil unions. Homosexual couples now have the same immigration rights as...

More New Zealanders, like Brits, choosing Australia

16:15 22/02/2006
It seems the lure of Australia's hot weather, golden beaches, higher standard of living and better opportunities is irresistible to New Zealanders, in addition to Brits. The growing gap in incomes...