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Immigration news

Conflicting H-1B visa news has US firms confused

15:53 13/04/2005
Though federal officials soon will begin issuing an additional 20,000 visas for highly skilled foreign workers, some US companies don't know if they'll be able to participate, reports the Sacramento...

Gay couples treated differently under Australian immigration laws

12:44 13/04/2005
Gay couples entering Australia on temporary visas are treated differently from heterosexual couples under immigration laws, Australia's Minister for Immigration and Multicultural Affairs Amanda...

Australia to stop accepting retirement visa applications

14:24 12/04/2005
Applications for the Australian retirement visa will no longer be accepted after 30 June 2005, said Len Holt, President of the Migration Institute of Australia. Under the current Australian...

New UK HSMP forms covering MBA provision available

12:35 12/04/2005
The UK government has announced that updated versions of the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP) application forms will be available from 12 April 2005, to include information on the new MBA...

Australia seeks to attract skilled British migrants

11:52 12/04/2005
Australia's shortage of skilled workers is good news for workers from MG Rover's Longbridge plant who are facing redundancy. They will find their skills in high demand in Australia. Under Australia's...

Young Nigerians no longer allowed to apply for UK visit visas

14:37 11/04/2005
The UK announced that from 11 April 2005, the visa sections in Lagos and Abuja, Nigeria, will not accept visa applications from first-time visitors to the UK between the ages of 18 and 30. This...