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Immigration news

Migration to New Zealand becomes more difficult

17:12 10/10/2003
New Zealand has made what can arguably be considered the most dramatic changes to its immigration policy in a decade when the New Zealand Immigration Service increased requirements that immigrants...

Immigration to Australia increases

14:14 07/10/2003
A report on immigration to Australia figures has been published in Australia showing that Immigration has been rising in comparison to previous years. Net migration was 136,000 in 2000-01, and 134,...

Canada Immigration: Points requirement goes down to 67

12:46 18/09/2003
The Honourable Denis Coderre, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Canadaannounces that with immediateeffect the points requirement under the skilled worker category goes down to67 points. The new...

US Green Card Lottery - Electronic Filing Only

17:46 25/08/2003
Full details of the US Green Card Lottery DV 2005 have just beenannounced. The Lottery is designed to increase the diversity ofimmigrants to the US by only allowing entrants for the Lottery from"...

UK - Home Office Immigration Directorate introduces charges

19:08 10/07/2003
If you make an application to the Home Office then in most cases from 1 August 2003 you will have to pay a Government fee. The UK Government has decided that they wish to recover some of the expense...

German Green Card Program to continue!

13:28 09/07/2003
The German Government decided on 9 July 2003 that the German Green card program will continue beyond the original expiry date of 31 July 2003 until the end of 2004. This is welcome news as it means...