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Immigration news

Fee increases likely for Home Office Immigration Applications

13:15 10/02/2005
It is likely that the Home Office fees for a number of immigration applications will go up from April 2005. This represents a huge increase in the fees charged by the Government for most types of...

Australian Working Holiday scheme to stay the same

11:08 10/02/2005
Australia will not make any changes to Working Holidaymaker arrangements for British nationals, despite changes announced February 9 to the UK working holidaymaker program. Australia's Department of...

Changes to UK Working Holidaymakers' Scheme

14:57 09/02/2005
Those wishing to gain entry under the UK's Working Holidaymakers' Scheme (WHS) must come under amended rules as of February 8 following changes brought in under the British Government's five-year...

UK visa fees for foreign students set to rise

17:03 08/02/2005
Following the announcement of future plans for the UK immigration system, the British Government has announced that foreign students will have to pay more for visa services, the BBC reports. The UK's...

Experts debate Australia's skilled immigration needs

16:38 08/02/2005
Australia's immigration system is one of the most successful in the World with over twenty percent of the total population of Australia being born overseas. There have been several new studies...

UK - Labour Government's New Five Year Plan For Immigration

17:41 07/02/2005
The Home Secretary Charles Clarke has today provided full details of a new five-year plan to show how Labour would change the immigration and asylum system if it wins the May Elections. The new plan...