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Immigration news

UK announces points system to control immigration

11:53 19/05/2005
The UK's new Immigration and Asylum Bill will create a new points-based system for migrants who want to work in the UK. The Government says the scheme will increase public confidence in the...

More East Europeans getting jobs in EU, not US

18:11 18/05/2005
A Swedish flag flying outside Ellison Bay's Wagon Trail Resort in the US state of Wisconsin gives guests a taste of Europe, one that is usually enhanced by dozens of European workers. "Poland is a...

Canada allows foreign post-graduates to work for two years

16:10 18/05/2005
As of 16 May Canada's post-graduation work program allows certain students to work for up to two years after their graduation. Previously, students were only allowed to work for one year. Foreign...

US announces changes regard V status extensions

15:14 18/05/2005
The US government announced 16 May that valid V-2 and V-3 status holders will no longer "age out" of V-2 or V-3 status. US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will now approve extension of...

EU won't ease visa barriers for Russians

9:10 18/05/2005
Russia failed to gain an easing of European Union visa restrictions for its citizens on 18 May, after the country would not agree to take back its illegal migrants from the EU. Putin said Russia...

US offers instructions for Eastern Europe on visa-free travel

15:59 17/05/2005
The US government has offered a "road map," or a set of instructions, on how Eastern European countries can gain visa-free travel to the US , like their Western European counterparts. US officials...