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Immigration news

UK - Clarification of changes to the Working Holidaymaker Scheme

16:40 03/03/2005
There has been some confusion about the changes to the Working Holidaymaker Scheme of 8 February 2005. We are including some further details below. Those applicants who applied before February 8, and...

UK - The Proposed Points System under the Five Year Plan

13:25 03/03/2005
We are including an analysis below of one important part of the Government's five year plan announced last month. A single points based system will replace all the different UK work permits and entry...

Australian Leader wants higher levels of skilled immigration

11:41 03/03/2005
Australia's Prime Minister John Howard has said the number of skilled immigrants should be increased to counter labour shortages, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) reports. In a radio...

Australia - More IT immigrants needed

16:31 02/03/2005
Australia's Federal Government is predicting a fall in the number of Skilled Migration visas issued to technology applicants in 2004-05, reports The Australian newspaper. According to data released...

Conservatives call for more UK immigration restrictions

15:07 02/03/2005
The leader of Britain's opposition Conservative Party, who comes from an immigrant family himself, has said that employers should provide financial guarantees for staff on temporary work permits, the...

Norway seeks to deter asylum seekers

10:16 01/03/2005
Norway is to consider requiring large bank deposits from tourists coming from certain Countries in a bid to discourage asylum seekers from entering the Country, the newspaper Aftenposten reports...